Need a delicious, healthy alternative to the vending machine? There are nearly 40 years of produce experience jam packed into each flavor-filled Fruit Cube we meticulously hand-pack.

The Belleville Farmer's Market has been squarely in the middle of the Green & Local food movement decades before it was the "cool" place to be. We're passionate about produce and now we're delivering the literal fruits of that passion straight to St. Louis area employers every week. You have our guarantee that each Fruit Cube will be...

Fantastically Fresh

Your fruit is hand-selected at the peak of flavor. We don't have national suppliers or cavernous warehouses. Your fruit passes straight from the farm to us to you - fast. This means your fruit is clean, incredibly fresh, and awesomely delicious!

Absolutely Affordable

Eating healthy doesn't have to hurt your bank account! A one week supply of fresh, nutritionally dense fruit costs less than getting a small pizza delivered. In fact, at just $6.99 for 7-9 pieces, you'll be surprised how well a Fruit Cube stacks up against artery clogging fast food.

Immediately Impactful

Sure your taste buds, waistline, and wallet will thank you for eating right – but area youth will thank you too. Part of every purchase funds our award-winning Taste Buds project. This innovative initiative to fight childhood obesity has won the praise of and Jamie Oliver!

Want us to Fruit your Cube?

So you've got a Cubicle, and now you want us to come Fruit it? Awesome! To add your workplace to our weekly delivery route, get your HR team to visit our Corporate Partnerships page to get set up. Just use buzzwords like "synergy" and "wellness initiatives" (they're suckers for that stuff) and you'll have a Fruit Cube in no time!