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We're bringing the Belleville Farmer's Market right to your office. Browse for your favorites, or get this week's highlights in one convenient box!

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From apples to zucchini, all of your Farmer's Market favorites available for workplace delivery!

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How do I get started?

First, see if Fruit My Cube delivers to your workplace. If we do, just start filling your cart with goodies!

And you'll just bring it to my office?

Yes! It's just like ordering a pizza, except we only deliver once a week, and our food is actually good for you!

When will my delivery arrive?

We visit most Missouri offices on Monday and Illinois offices on Tuesday. Select your workplace for detailed information.

Where does the produce come from?

Everything comes right from the shelves of the Belleville Farmer's Market, and it’s always guaranteed fresh and delicious!

How much does it cost?

Less than you think! Our minimum order is just $5.00 (+ $1.99 custom packing chg), and delivery is always free!

I have a different question!

No sweat! We have a list of Frequently Answered Questions right here, or you can always contact us!